Basic Textrure Series


  • You will create a series of slabs tiles, where each contains a different type of texture.
  • You will need to rolls slabs and cut out 4x4 inch square tiles.
  • You should have 6 tiles with 6 different types of textures.


  • Learning how to roll a clay slab:
  • Cutting the slab to the desired size:
  • Applying texture to each slab.


  • 2 slabs need to have texture carved into the clay

  • 2 slabs need texture added onto the clay

  • 2 slabs can be anything of your choosing

Think about:

  • Different objects to press into the clay to make texture. ( shells, stones, rope)
  • Different objects that will remove the clay to make texture. (spoons, knife, sticks)
  • Texture can also be a combination of both, where you are adding or subtracting portions of clay.