Don't Risk It

Just Stop and Say No


When you smoke you have an addiction, it's a strong physical craving for a substance despite its harmful effects.

The drug that makes it addicting is called Nicotine. Nicotine is a addictive drug that increases blood pressure and heart rate.

When you smoke you're putting acetone in your body. Acetone is nail polish remover, imagine drinking that.

You are also putting Formaldehyde in your body, if you don't know what that is, it's used to preserve dead bodies, that is really gross.

One more thing, if you know what rat poison is, that's also used in cigarettes.

If you stop smoking, you'll stop choking.


Hallucinogens are mind-altering drugs. They cause hallucinations, flashbacks and visual and auditory breakdowns. A visual breakdown is when you see something that is not really there but you think it is because the drug took control over your whole brain and you can't stop it. People have seen things that they thought were there but weren't and they either died or got seriously injured. An auditory breakdown is like the same thing as a visual breakdown except for you hear stuff, not see it. Voices tell you to do insane things like murder someone. This is why you shouldn't take them like "Angel Dust", "Acid", "Special K" (not the cereal). There is also certain mushrooms either called "shrooms" or "magic mushrooms."


When men take steroids, testicles may shrink and breasts may develop. For women, facial hair and chest hair will grow and voice deepens. For everyone who take steroids, you get a lot of acne, mood swings, paranoia and "roid rage". Roid rage is like when people take steroids a lot and they get really angry and do very harmful things to people and themselves. It lasts for awhile then it goes away, and it comes back. When you take the steroids you get very muscular but your really not as strong as you look. And if you stop taking steroids, all of that muscle stuff with turn into fat. MDMA is ecstasy, which does have steroids in it. People sell these drugs and they look like candies because they have symbols on them like the batman sign, and like logos to make them look fun but really they're damaging your body by, what you have done or, what they have made you do.


Leukoplakia is a strong physical craving for a substance despite its harmful side effects. When you chew tobacco, it gives you leukoplakia. Leukoplakia can give you a black hairy tongue, or if you do it so much for such a long time it can turn white and big and look like mashed potatoes on your mouth but can never move anywhere. And you can't even like shut your mouth. It's so nasty no one will want to go near you.