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Top Three Reasons People are Frustrated with the Cost of Health Insurance

From all the research I have done and complaints I've heard, let me share with you what I believe are the top three reasons people are frustrated with the cost of health insurance:

1) They have paid for health insurance, yet they are being denied services. Everything from getting an MRI done to being able to see a specialist. The insurance company is not approving authorizations.
(a) Appeal the insurance companies denial.
(b) Read your insurance policy and see if they are within their rights to deny services.
(c) If it is for imaging, contact three imaging centers in your local area and find out what the costs would be for the specific test as a cash patient.
(d) If the company is not approving the specialist, find out if there is one they would approve.
(e) Contact the specialist and find out if they have any pull with your insurance company.

2) The monthly premium amount they pay is a struggle for them. They can't afford to go to the doctor due to the co-pays and high deductible.
(a) If something happens, go to a low cost clinic in your area.
(b) Is there an upcoming health fair in your area that you can attend for routine tests that may have a low cost.
(c) Have you ever thought to go to your doctor and pay cash instead of using your insurance?

3) It is unaffordable and contradicts the name, The Affordable Care Act. There are a lot of people who thought this would solve the healthcare problem. In essence, the mandate is about insurance and unaffordable for many.
(a) Determine what you need in order to take care of your health and your family.
(b) There are catastrophic plans available that do not meet the requirements of health insurance yet give you some protection if something major happens.
(c) For health issues that are not life and death, go to your local urgent care facility.

The third enrollment period is quickly approaching. There are people just as frustrated now and feel as if they don't have options. Hopefully after reading our digital newsletter, you have gotten a few ideas.

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