Room 2a Information!

Just some notes from parent night and useful information....

Room Behaviors and Expectations

The Kids have been practicing their hand signals and learning about the classroom expectations. Our class rules are: #1 The ICS Way (take care of yourself, take care of others, and take care of this place). #2 Listen when others are talking. #3 Follow directions quickly. #4 Raise your hand to speak or stand. #5 Be kind! And last but not least: #6 Make good choices. The kids all have learned the hand signals and expectations that go with them. Ask them to show you the hand signals. They are getting pretty good!

Play Dates and Other Phone Related Issues

If your child has a play date and someone else is picking them up, PLEASE send me a note, email, text message, (0935-35-4755) to let me know before three o'clock. If I don't hear from you, I will not allow a child to depart with others on their word alone. I don't answer the phone during class time and email or texts are preferred as they don't interrupt learning.

Good Times to Pop In....

I'm always available to meet with you about your child's needs. The schedule is pretty solid now so if you need to drop in and talk with me, I am usually available around 9 and 11:20 ish. If you want to make an after school appointment, please email me so we can work out a time.