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Digital Process Logs

I know we have briefly discussed process logs, but with me being in two buildings we have not had the opportunity to really dive into them. There is a great video of Meghan Raftery explaining digital process logs at Creeds Elementary on TheStream (be patient it takes a while to load). It is 30 minutes, but well worth your time. The teachers are a little hard to hear, but Meghan is very clear. She covers more than just process logs too.

With regards to the digital piece...have I told you how much I love Seesaw? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Seesaw! It is so powerful and very kid friendly. You could easily make your process logs digital with Seesaw. For those of you who have not checked it out yet, you need to! If you want to learn more about Seesaw, let me know. I would love to share.

Don't Forget - October is Connected Educator Month

The Connected Educator Month initiative is about networking educators worldwide, through connected professional learning experiences. Visit to learn more about the initiative and see some of the learning opportunities.

Take a second to check out the calendar created by PGI (Professional Growth and Innovation) for even more Connected Educator Month activities.

Digital Citizenship Week October 18-24

Digital Citizenship Week is a time to remind students about thinking critically, behaving safely, and participating responsibly online.

Check out these resources from Common Sense Media.

If you are interested in a "think" poster, the blog Technology Rocks. Seriously has several to choose from.

Microsoft Outlook Clutter

Are a lot of emails falling under Clutter in your inbox? Did you know you can disable Clutter? I didn't know either, but you can!

To disable Clutter:

  • log into Outlook 365 (the website not the desktop client)
  • click on the Gear (upper right hand corner)
  • choose Options
  • under Automatic Processing click Clutter
  • select Don't separate items identified as Clutter
  • click Save

This will sync with all outlook accounts once done. Yay!

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