The Newly Habitable Planet Discovery ( Savonnah Degen)

Planet Info.

Star Type: yellow

The orbit of Vonnah 1.1 AU which is definetly different from Earth.

Vonnah's mass is 1 AU.

On this planet there is volcanoes and plate movement. The plate movement helps the planet shift so that the amount of carbon dyoxide is balanced. This planet has liquid water for producers to eat and yes it has producers. This planet can support life with all of this data.

The axil tilt of " Vonnah" 24.3. This effect the seasons becuase the tilt is closer to the sun which makes seasons last for a shorter period of time then the Earth. The mass of Vonnah effects the gravity because we are closer to the sun in the summer time. Planet Vonnah has 2 moons. This makes the gravity in this planet very large. Tides are very high and very low at some points and they also last for a longer time.

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