Western Wall, Israel

A Wall Of Jerusalem

Location Of The Wall

The Western Wall of Israel is located in the city of Jerusalem. It is in the continent of Asia. It is right next to Egypt on a map. Not the wall of coarse, but Israel

Another Map Of The Western Wall

A Description Of The Wall

     The wall is about 485 meters long. But you cannot see a lot of it because there is a lot of buildings attached to it. Part of the wall continues down into the ground. We still don't know the exact length. The wall is over 18 meters tall, and 3.5 meters wide. There is a plaza in the middle called, Western Wall Plaza. There is also a big temple with a gold roof. It is the main building of the sacred place.

A Short History Of The Wall

     This wall was built in about 19 BCE. King Herod the Great tore down the temple, and rebuilt it even better. The temple was a Jewish sacred place, but it was ruled by the Romans. The Romans would not let the Jews come near the Temple or walls. In 1967, the wall was returned to the Jews. The Jews would climb Mount Zion to look at the temple and walls to pray. But in 1967, there was a six day war, and the Jews got back there scared place. Immediately after the six day war, there was 262 feet of the wall excavated. But many sections of the wall still remain under the old city of Jerusalem.

What religion Considers This Wall and Temple Sacred And Why?

Both Muslims and Jews consider this place sacred. It is the last remaining part of the original Temple Mount. Jerusalem was destroyed and rebuilt, 9 TIMES! There was been many attempts to destroy the wall, but god promised the Jewish people that they would live forever. So the temple is a symbol of what god had promised them, never being destroyed. It is also a symbol of devastation and hope.

The Jews would pray at the Temple mount, and shove prayers on paper and stick them into the wall. All this would continue to make this place even more sacred to them. Although some people couldn't get to the Temple and Wall, they could face the direction of it and pray. This shows that this is a very sacred place. Anybody that is not Jewish, will have their prayers sent away from the Wall and Temple. The Jewish people consider this one of their most sacred places on the planet.

Closing to This Page

There is information about Israels' Western Wall. Now you know more about the wall and why they think of it so sacred. Thank you for looking at this.

Some Pictures Of The Wall