William Thad Cochran

U.S. Senator for Mississippi

William Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran, born December 7, 1937, was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Throughout his childhood, he was influenced by his parents' careers in education. He was grown up devoted to school work, boy scouts and sports. He had many jobs and much school work throughout his high school years. After the completion of high school, he attended the University of Mississippi, where he majored in psychology and minored in political science. After his graduation from Ole Miss in 59', he joined the US Naval Reserves. He graduated the Naval School of Justice as an honor student, after which he completed a a 2 year tour for the Navy. In 1961, he returned to school due to his enrollment at the School of Law at Mississippi. He graduated at the top of his class. After graduation, he join the firm of Watkins & Eager in Jackson, one of the states best law firms. Politics and government was subject in the Cochran family. Thad Cochran became active in political campaigning on his own. Four years after his start in campaigning, he was elected United States Congressman for the Fourth District. As a member of congress, he served as a Republican task force and studied the energy crisis. He was re-elected to the House of Representatives in 74', 76' and in 78' elected to the U.S. Senate. In the senate, he served as chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, and on many other committees. He was reelected 6 times to office (currently serving his 6th). He has maintained a focus throughout his career on promoting economic development and educational opportunity. His most recent act he helped develop was the "Restore the Gulf Coast Act" to help with the oil spill. For his hard work and dedication, in 2011, he received the Mississippi Medal of Service. He's a member of Northminister Baptist Church in Jackson.

Senator Cochran's Platform: Cochran is a stern Republican. He has hardcore conservative believes for the state of Mississippi. Cochran has many major issues to deal with in the state of Mississippi ranging from gun control laws, drug laws, gay marriage laws and environmental laws. He has a life long Republican rating of 80, according to the American Conservative Union.

Senator Cochran: Minimum Wage

Although he played a big roll on raising minimum wage from 6.25 an hour to 7.25 and hour, he doesn't believe, along with most republican senators, that minimum wage should be increased to 10.10 and hour. Although people, like democrats, argue that people don't make enough money starting off with minimum wage, people indeed aren't poor. The jump in minimum wage will also create less job opportunities as well as lose money for most small businesses. According to Washington Post Columnist Sun Herald, "most people making minimum wage aren't poor," nor are they "heads of households."

Senator Thad Cochran (MS)


Cochran's View: Keystone Pipeline

Senator Cochran is among a large group of senators who are strongly encouraging Obama to approve the development if the Keystone Pipeline. "This pipeline project will entail greater energy security, job creation and economic activity for our nation and it should finally be allowed to move forward. The project has already been delayed far to long," Cochran stated. The Keystone Pipeline remains as the nation's largest ready infrastructure project.


Thad Cochran, who just turned 76, will run for reelection as senator of Mississippi for the US Senate. Later this year, he will be running for his 7th term in office. Although its gonna turn out to be a close vote, Cochran is confident that he can pull it off. He may face more issues dealing with the raising of minimum wage, but he has many to back him up on the issues surrounding the Keystone Pipeline. If he pulls this off, he will be one of the oldest senators in history.

By: Taylor Behrens