M6 Learning

Chasity P.

Classical Conditioning

  1. I have been afraid of dogs since I was younger. When I was younger I always use to go to my cousin’s house and in her neighborhood everybody had dogs, including her. When we were walking around the neighborhood a big dog started chasing us because he had broke from the leash. I was scared and we started running. Now I’m afraid of dogs, and always have the tendency to run when I see one, even if it’s locked up.

  • UCS - Dog chasing us.
  • UCR - Running from it.
  • CS - Seeing dogs.
  • CR - Having the tendency to run when seeing a dog.

Operant Conditioning

  1. My fifth grade class was always bad. They would talk and disrupt the teacher when she was talking. One day she denied us recess because they were talking too much, and forced to say inside and do work.

  • What behavior was modified/changed? Class being bad
  • Was the behavior strengthened or weakened? Weakened
  • What was the consequence? Not having recess and doing work instead.
  • Was the consequence added or subtracted? Added.

Observational Learning

  1. I wanted to learn how to do ballet and tap. I watched the older girls dancing and caught on quickly. I was very pleased with myself.

  • Attention - I watched the older girls
  • Retention - I knew I was able to do the dance moves when I could duplicate the moves
  • Reproduction - Doing the dance moves with the music as good as everybody else.
  • Motivation - Wanting to go back next week to dance again.

My Operant Conditioning Experiment

  1. I realized the students in the school stopped attending because all they did was “learn” and that wasn't always amusing to them. Also the scores for the school were quickly decreasing because of lack of attendance. It is important that students come to school on time and stay the whole day so the concepts will be reinforced. On Fridays, the school will run on a hour early schedule so there will be an extra hour at the end of the day. For this hour students who have been to school everyday (and students that have an excused doctor’s note) will be able to engage in fun activities, of their choice, around the school.

  • What behavior was changed: Attendance
  • Was the behavior weakened or strengthened? Strengthened.
  • What was the consequence? Able to enjoy fun activities around the school (positive reinforcement)
  • Was the consequence added or subtracted? Added