Susan Dunklee

By:Nathaniel l. Wilcox

Her age: 28

She was born on February 13th, 1986

Born in Vermont around early July, she was born to Judy and Stan Dunklee.

Her father was a skier thus her choice of sport for the u.s. Biathlon.

Her mother can also was also a skier but never got an Olympic medal

Susan's max and target heart rates

Susan's max and target heart rate

Susan is 28 years old and in order to find the target heart rates I would need to multiply there age by 80% and 90%

22.4 and 25.2

In order to find the Mac heart rate we need to take 220 minus her age which is 28

So therefore her max heart rate is 192

Susan's sport of choice

U.S. Biathlon

The practice of speed skiing to a shooting range was first started as a training method for Norwegian special forces. It was showed at the Olympics back in 1030, but would later become an official sport in 56. The target they fire at is 30 mm. In diameter, visually impaired teams fire at a 20 mm. Targets.