Metropolitan Junk Markham

Waste Management Service

Metropolitan Junk Markham at Metropolitan Junk can remove any junks whether it is an appliance removal, furniture removal, electronic removal or even construction debris. Our junk removal services are open seven days a week plus we are customer oriented company. We are here to help our customers in their unk removal Markham dilemmas.

You can rest assured knowing that we helped you dispose off your garbage responsibly. Our professional and trained staff come equipped with trunks and tools to ensure that your place remain spotlessly clean.

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Address:- 646 Village Parkway, Markham, ON, L3R 2S7, Canada
Phone:- 289-800-7174

Metropolitan Junk Markham

Metropolitan Junk Markham is being recognized as one of the top notch junk removal company in Canada. We provide garbage removal, junk removal, trash removal and waste removal in Markham for more than 6 years and running.
Metropolitan Junk