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Friday, September 16, 2016

United States Constitution Day 2016

We've got a FLIPPED PLC!

A flipped meeting means that there is information desiminated to everyone BEFORE the meeting. That way discussion can begins immediately in the meeting!


Watch the video below on "The Power of Yet..."

You can watch this today or can also see it playing in room C141 ANYTIME Monday or TUESDAY! (POPCORN will be available for a snack in the PLC room Monday-Tuesday!)

Students of the Month...

  1. Travis Allen, 3rd Grade (Mrs. Cloud's Homeroom)
  2. Keaton Croom, 4th Grade (Mrs. Darby's Homeroom). Keaton is also our campus student of the month to be recognized at the Board Meeting!
  3. Claire Iltis, 5th Grade (Mrs. Edney's Homeroom)
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Each student will get a YARD Sign for their house for the Month!

Nominate Someone Awesome...Click Below!

504 Meeting Reminders...

  1. Please be on time
  2. See Odette for Questions Prior to the meeting
  3. Please ALL teachers involved with the student need to attend (bring Service Binder and Teacher Report Forms)
  4. Make sure to sign that you attended and get a copy of the accommodations for your service binder!

Due Dates Coming Up...

  • Sept. 19th...Positive Phone Call Logs Due
  • Sept. 28th Fundraiser Packets Due (make sure Teacher name is on them)
  • Sept. 30th...last day to sign up for Sick Leave Bank
  • Sept. 30th...All Safe School videos should be watched by 9/30/16

istation is READY!

Teachers: You will need to change the passwords of the students to their lunch number. It is easy to edit. When you get to your class list, click on the notebook paper icon next to the student's name and click on EDIT PROFILE. Change the password and click UPDATE PROFILE.

If you need help with this, let IRIS SIMPSON know :)

PEP RALLY Visits...

  • 5th Grade Attends Homecoming on Sept. 23 (Sack Lunches needed for 5th) 12:00-1:30
  • 4th Grade attends PINK OUT on Oct. 7th 12:00-1:30
  • 3rd Grade Attends BLUE OUT on Oct. 21st 12:00-1:30


From the Calendar...

Always check your Google Calendar...See Amy Doron if you are not "shared" to see it!

  • September 16-30- 504 Meetings
  • September 19- Hispanic Heritage Month Begins
  • September 19- FACULTY MEETING after school 3:30 in Library (Para's included)
  • September 20- Fire Drill 2:45pm
  • September 20- PAY DAY!
  • September 21- Doughnuts with Daughters 7:15-8:15am (Parents can visit classrooms after eating Doughnuts in the Foyer)
  • September 28- Bagels with Boys 7:15-8:15am (Parents can visit classrooms after eating Bagels in the Foyer)
  • September 30- End of the Six Weeks! (Grades due at Noon on Oct. 3rd)

Below are Links to items that might be helpful for you:

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Do you have a question? Check out the helpful handouts below!

Our Campus Team Commitments and Norms...

    As a member of the Spring Hill Intermediate family, I choose to make the following commitments...
      … to communicate with each other with honesty and respect during PLC meetings.
        … to embrace the differences in others.
          … to give positive encouragement to both co-workers and students.
            … to be flexible to support good relationships.
              … to be part of the solution, not blame others for the problem.
                … to participate actively in the education of ALL students.
                  … to encourage one another by listening to each other.
                    … to give specific compliments to one another and our students.

                    Spring Hill Intermediate School

                    Amy Doron, Principal

                    Campus Mission Statement:
                    Spring Hill Intermediate provides a place for learning where all students can can find success, confidence, respect, and direction for their future!

                    Campus Vision Statement:

                    Collaborating to create an engaging, challenging, and well rounded system of education for the improvement of all students.