Gimme' Smore!

Izzy Feltenstein

Smore: The new way to advertise on the internet

Introducing, Smore! A newly innovative and functional way to advertise via the world wide web. Simply create a flyer for your business, activity, or event and then share it to any social network, or email it in a newsletter. Smore includes several different designs and features to customize your advertisement, including different fonts, colors, and backgrounds. You can even check your flyer's status! Plus, by entering your facebook account, you can easily share your flyer with your facebook friends.

Positive Uses

  • Easy access
  • Public sharing over several social networks
  • Connection to Facebook
  • View flyer statistics
  • Free designs and fonts
  • More people using the internet=more people will see your flyer

Negative Uses

  • Can't access all designs-must upgrade to do so
  • Not all businesses use internet for advertising
  • Websites are used more often

Ways to be Used in School

  1. A flyer for a play or production posted on social media for students to see.
  2. A campaign for student council runners or candidates.
  3. A creative way to present something in class.