16 is the right age

How old should you have to be to drive

16 is a good age to start driving.

Some people think that sixteen years old is too young to start driving, but i think the opposite. Sixteen is the right age because once you turn sixteen you need to start working and doing things that you want to do. Some people say that sixteen year olds are dangerous because they always get in wrecks, but that is not true. Teens got in 243,243 crashes in 2015 while adults between the ages of 25 and 30 were in 254,769 in 2015. So teens are very prone to get in crashes, but so are adults, who got in more crashes than teens.

Facts about this topic

1. In 2014 there were 32,675 deaths caused by car crashes all together

2. there are 10.2 people killed per 100,000 that drive

3. There are 3,287 deaths caused per day because of motor crashes

4. Annual there are 1.3 million people killed in car crashes

NJ I-80 East single-car crash - July 27 2014 near Exit 64 New Jersey Eastbound Express Lane