All about Avail Soto

by: Avail Soto

my future

With my future I really want to do great things. I want to go and be a photographer or a journalist and change the world and help people.


My family is different. We aren’t like a normal family. Were crazy, chill ,and very outgoing. We love to go to parks and go be a family and spend time together.

I have family everywhere. manly in Texas ,but where all still close.


I have many interest. I like to take pictures of many things. It can be people the sky or when ever were traveling. I also love to make videos. I like to capture moments because they don't live for ever so if you recorded it you can always go back. I love to write ,I can sit there all day and just write. I also love going to tours and meeting people.

Personality Traits

I have many traits ,but my top 3 that every one always complements me on is I am very chill, out going , and understanding.


I have lots of skills. I am good at taking pictures witch is really good for what I want to do because i want to be a photographer and the more I take pictures the more I get better. I also have good people skills witch helps a lot. lastly I like to help people get through things. i don't ever like seeing people sad.


My most important values in my life are my family and friends. They are important because i know i can go to them for help no matter what and they will help me through something if i need them.


Im not in any right now but I want to go be in sports and take acting or cooking classes.

Ways to Improve

I can improve in many ways. One of them is thinking that im always right. I always tend to think im right and everyone is wrong hen most of the time im wrong.

It’s All Good

One of the things i love about my self is that i tend to put people before me. i love helping people and getting told thank you for helping me or i needed that. I also am proud that im different. im not like many people and i have different interest and i love it because that means and i can show other people it. I am proud of being me. i expect that not everyone is going to like me im not the best person in the world but then again no one is


~live simply so others can simply live ~ Matthew Espinosa

~ laughter is medicine ~ Nash grier

~Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts ,your life will start to change~

Multiple Intelligence

one of them was musical. With music i can also do a lot of things with because it can help me direct and make movies and then it can also help me with taking pictures and getting in the mode.

Brain Orientation

in my brain test i got 32 on my right and 23 on my left. when i continue to take it i also got artistic again witch i got for a lot of my test and it can help me with a lot of careers like acting and directing.

Kuder Test Results

i got performing arts and marketing and journalism and broadcasting. these can help me with my writing and taking pictures.

Arkansas works values and results

i got artistic. artistic has many jobs and a lot of the jobs are with what i want to do in life. one of them is being a photographer. it also has acting and directing witch is also other jobs i would enjoy doing.