Pygmy Chimpanzee

By U.H


  • Pygmy Chimpanzees grow up to 28-33 inches long
  • They weigh up to 86 pounds
  • Their skin color is gray but the fur is black or dark brown
  • They make special sounds when they meet a dominant individual
  • Pygmy chimpanzees live in communities of 15-80

Food chain and Habitat

  • Pygmy chimpanzees live in many different areas such as rain forests, high In trees, and woodland areas
  • They eat fruits, plants,earthworms
  • Pygmy chimpanzees are carnivores
  • Pygmy chimpanzees are located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • They live more in humid forests


  • For protection they use their big toe which acts like a thumb
  • Also their sharp canine teeth come in handy
  • When a predator displays a threat the chimp gives a big grin
  • When they're happy they don't smile
  • Pygmy chimps don't hybernate

Reason for Endangerment

  • They're endangered because they're hunted for their meat
  • Also their body parts are used for religous rituals
  • Also for medicine
  • Another reason is they're threatened by habitat destruction
  • Because of increasing human population