New Galleon Ship Made: THE VOYAGER!

By Emma Cleary, Rachel Sharon, and Nina Rothberg

Bermuda Insects

Us and the rest of our team of entomologists are going to Bermuda to study insects that seem interesting to us. Some insects that we are hoping to find in Bermuda consist of the Argentine Ant, cockroaches, and jumping plant lice. There are many interesting things about these insects. For example, the Argentine ants travel in large colonies, and move freely wherever they want. Also, the cockroaches are HUGE! The jumping plant lice like to bite. No matter where you are, as long as it's dry, the bugs can roam.

Captain's Quarters

In the Captain's quarters, you find, most importantly, the tiller. Without this, the ship would head in any direction. There will also be a chair for the Captain to sit in and a bell that the Captain will ring if we are getting close to Bermuda.


When you hear the word bedroom, you think of beds. Instead of these, you will find hammocks. Also, the bedrooms will be combined with the bathrooms. In each room, there will be 1 hammock for each person living in that room. Next to each hammock will be 1 hook, holding a towel used for drying themselves off after washing, which we will do very little of. Because of the fact that there is very little luxury, if any, fresh water is not used for bathing. Instead, we will bathe in ocean water. As well as these hooks there will be 1 small wooden box for each person to hold their possessions, and 1 small wooden box to hold their clothes, which there won't be a lot of. For a bathroom, everyone will have their own bucket, across from their hammock, and surrounded by a curtain. When we are finished going, we will carry the bucket up on deck and dump it overboard.


From the stem to the stern will be 110 feet long. From one side of the deck to the other will be 50 feet wide. It will be 175 feet tall from the bottom of the ship to the deck. The height of the mizzen mast and fore mast will be 40 feet tall, and the height of the main mast will be 50 feet tall.


Along the back wall will be the stock of food. It will mainly consist of preserved meat and some dried fruit. Extra salt will be in the right corner near the door. In the left corner near the door will be a small wooden stove. There will also be a few large candles providing light.

Gathering Hall

In the Gathering Hall, there will be 5 long tables. 4 of these tables will be eaten off of, each one surrounded by a wrap-around bench, and 1 table will hold our food. The Gathering Hall will not just be used for eating, though. It will also be used for assemblies. For these there will be 4 small podiums, made out of a few large wooden crates, not unlike the ones that the crew will keep their possessions in because there will only be 4 people at maximum talking at the same gathering time.

Storage Rooms

There will be 6 storage rooms. 1 will be used for holding our food and fresh water, 1 will be used for holding our oars, extra oars, and extra sails, 1 will be used for holding medical items for the medics to use, 1 will be used for holding the tools that will be needed to repair the sails, oars, and possibly even the ship if anything ever happened to it, 1 will be used for holding our entomologist equipment, and lastly, 1 will be used for holding extra supplies like extra life savers, extra hammocks, extra buckets, and such.

Who'll Be Riding On This Ship?

There will be 60 people on the ship. They will all play an important role in our crew. First of all, there's the Captain, and he will steer the boat and let us know when we are nearing land. Then there's Rachel, Nina, and I (Emma) who will be studying insects in Bermuda (our destination) along with 3 other interested entomologists. There will also be 3 repairmen, who will fix the sails, oars, and ship if they are damaged or broken. Along with them are the sailors and the rowers. There will 20 sailors and 20 rowers, and the sailors will be in charge of the sails, and the rowers will row if there is ever a problem with the sails or if there's no wind to push us along. Finally, there will be 5 medics to treat sick, injured, or dying passengers, and 5 people to cook for us: the cooking staff.