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Will History Repeat?

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War Declared On China! June 1st, 2028

Vietnam has delcared war on China to gain control of the Paracel Islands. The Chinese have been pushing their way into the islands ever since the 2010's, today, it ends. Claiming tourism being the reason for their cruise ships, we believe it to be a show of imperialism, showing their strength. We as Vietnam have been shoved around by other countires for far too long, today with this war on China, with Japan and the Phillipines at our side, we stand up for our selves.

Economy Suffering September 1st, 2030

With the newly declared war on CHina, the economy has taken small hits along the way. There has been fewer workers, whilst many are off fighting for our country. Much of our contires money has also been spent on weapons, ammo, and supplies for the troops resulting in slight tax raises for all of the nation. With everyones help and support, this war will be won.

Our country has slowly been heading into debt, but we will sky rocket out of it when the war is over. having the Pascal Islands in our control will open new trading routes and extra money into the governments pockets from tourism.

Education Changes September 1st, 2030

With an on going war, education has been changed. All those attending any type of school will now be paying a higher price to help fund the war. The original payment to attend Vietnam schools will be increased from $6 to $20 per month. School supplies' price will be increased by 5% also. With the help of the education price increases, not only can education quality be increased, but we can help fund the war. Schools hours will be decreased slightly to make school easier on children, standards will be slightly lowered, but the quality will increase.