Alex Ward

Me, Myself & My Life.

My life.

My name is Alexandra Ward. I am 16 years old and live in Gloversville New York. I have have 2 older brothers. My home school is Gloversville High school but i attend HFM Alternative Boces. In my house its just me and my dad. I have 2 cats and 3 kittens. I plan on going to college and studying to be a vetenarians technician. I am a junior in high school. My birthday is June 30, 1997. My favorite colors are orange and blue. I am most deffinantly a summer baby, winter is NOT my season. I dont really play sports but i would prefer soccer. Most people wouldnt consider me the nicest person but if your on my good side i can be a sweet heart :)

Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a nice, normal family ;)

My Pets :)

Best friends, they know how crazy you are & still choose to be seen with you in public :)

Favorite hobbys & acitivities :]

Favorite sports teams .

Vacation spots :)