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Tuesday February 16th 2016

Principal's Message

Good Morning Panthers!

Interim Assessments are just around the corner. The Instructional Coaches have been working hard to prepair you assessments and upload keys into Gradecam. Be on the look-out for an e-mail this week with the names of the keys that you should scan into.

Math and Science Assessments will be on Thursday 2/18
ELAR and Social Studies will be on Friday 2/19

Your administator will be setting up individual data meetings with you starting the following week to analyze your data and prepair action steps.

Also remember the this week is the end of the 4th grading period. Grades need to be updated and ready to submit by the end of the week. Please remember the following guidelines when entering your grades:
  • You should have a minimmum of 12 grades for the grading period
  • Grades should be weighted based on the following categories: (Classwork/Homework - 45%, Tests - 20%, Projects - 20%, and Six-weeks test grades - 15%)
  • Grades should be based on State of Texas required learning standards and should provide clear evidence of mastery.
  • Teachers witl a six-weeks and/or semester failure rate of greater than 15% in any subject area will be required to develop and submit an intervention support plan for struggling students.

February Professional Development

Tuesday, February 16

  • TELPAS Calibration
  • PLCs - Verifiers
Monday, February 22

  • Book Study 2 - First Session
  • PLCs

Monday, February 29

  • Leap Into AVID Fair

Shout Outs

-- Without being asked, Mr. Backes ALWAYS stops by 6th grade intake to help out when he sees we have a lot of kids to get in the building and only so many adults. Thank you Mr. Backes for your dedication!

--The Counselors and Showcase Committee Members did an outstanding job this week! Coach Marotto was a great emcee. She gave away lots of Stockard Swag and created a great energy in the auditorium! Thanks to Ms. Dorce, Ms. Maymi, Sgt. Royal, Ms. Holman, Ms. Poquette, Ms. Smith, Mr. Shepherd, Ms. Washington, Mrs. Sevcik, Mr. Backes, Mr. Hemphill, and Ms. Hall

-- Thank you Ms. Brenner for consistently stepping in to help where ever needed. She has been seen assisting at intake, at lunches, in the halls and after school at the busses.

-- High paw to the team who made the Valentine Dance was a great success. Ms. Hall, Ms Brenner, Ms. Todd, Ms. Stone, Ms. Stiff and Mr. Hemphill did a great job setting up. Ms. Hall stayed to make sure the cafeteria was back in order and Mr. Hemphill made sure students got home safely.

Shout Outs to Teacher PD Presenters!

The AVID Site Team would like to give a shout out to Ms. Sevcik, Mrs. Dixson and Mr. Hemphill for facilitating the PD on AVID-Socratic Seminars!


Attendance MUST be submitted for EVERY class period, EVERY day. Please go back and check that you have submitted everything by 3:30 each day. Setting an alarm to check that you have submitted your attendance may be helpful.

Weekly Classroom Management Tips

Engaged students are on-task and rarely cause classroom disruptions.

Everyone talks about student engagement. But how do you make it happen?

Step one: Reduce the amount of stuff you give kids before asking them to do something with it.

Step two: Have the kids do something with it immediately before they have time to forget.

Successful instruction has a lot to do with packaging. A successful lesson would be:

Input, Output, Input, Output, Input, Output

You explain what to do next. You model what to do next. Then you have the student(s) do it. If there is error, you fix it immediately before it becomes a bad habit. You then repeat that step a few times to make sure they understand the content. When you are sure they "get it," you move on.

When this method is employed to teach lessons, problems with cognitive overload and forgetting are minimized and student engagement is maximized. Additionally, you are continually assessing to guarantee maximum learning.

Comments, Questions and/or Concerns

Please remember that we have a Comments/Questions/Concerns box on the biometric clock in the main office. We welcome your suggestions and we want to know what questions or concerns you have. We will empty the box each Friday and provide answers to what we receive during Professional Development each Monday.


If you need to complete the TELPAS Basic Training the code is: training2016
Basic Training must be completed by Monday, February 15th. Once you have completed your basic training please send a copy of your certificate to Mrs. DeKoch ( or Mrs. Heathcote (
We will do the Callibration on Tuesday, February 16th, in the cafeteria after school. Please bring your laptop with a full charge and head phones/earbuds.

ACP Spring Film Festival

Sign up for the ACP Spring Viewings

-- Stockard Showcase --

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*We hope that you had a wonderful and restful weekend! STAAR is quickly approaching! As you continue to prepare students to not only pass, but get an advanced rating on STAAR, continue to use your data tracker to form small groups of students based on weekly formative assessments. Another way of grouping students is by using the Lead 4 Ward Method. Putting students in quintiles allows you to analyze the performance gaps of students.

*6th and 7th grade ELAR Teachers please click on the title below to schedule a time for Ms. Johnson to assist you with groups of students in reteaching or reinforcing a skill that has not been mastered. Please put the list of students in the document. For questions please email

The First Round of STAAR Dates

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Engaging Expository Articles

Let's teach our students the possible repercussions for getting involved in recording fights while simultaneously reinforcing SE 6.10, 7.10 or 8.10. (A-D) Students in the 6th grade loved these articles.

Article 1 was used whole class to model the skill.

Article 2 was read in small groups.

Article 3 can be used for the DOL or any kind of formative assessment

Teacher Led PD - AVID Socratic Seminar

CIC's would like to thank all faculty for actively participating in the teacher led PD sessions. You make our school's professional development sessions interactive, meaningful, and fun. Thank you!

AVID IN ACTION- The Follow Through


Saturday, Feb. 20th, 8am

9339 S Polk St

Dallas, TX

Content Area

Session Number

Math (Grades 6-8)


Reading (Grades 6-8)


Personal Narrative Writing (Grade 7)


Science (Grade 8)


Social Studies (Grade 8)


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Upcoming Events:

AVID Student completed applications due-February 22, 2016

AVID Interviews-February 23-29, 2016

Leap Into AVID Fair-February 29, 2016