If Poverty Where A Real War How Would People Act Differently

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Background On Poverty

Poverty's percentage, percentage of the people who are suffering because they lack something, is slightly decreasing over the years. The reason for this isn't because people have declaired war on poverty. People have tried to declare war on poverty before, but it hasn't changed anything. Poverty is caused by overpopulation, poor health, war, corruption, and lots of other things but these are just a few examples. In the Bible it states that we will always be among the poor but that is no excuse for us to let it get worse and not care. Poverty has always been here and will always exist. Big percents of people live and have lived on $2 and less a day, which is very bad.

The Pros/Benefits of Poverty

A good thing about poverty is the fact that it gives others the ability to give and be generous. Being in poverty can give you the ability to manage your money and be responsible, hopefully. Another beneficial thing is that being in tough times always makes you stronger even if you feel that those tough times are just bringing you down. When in poverty you learn skills that people with more money don't have because you don't have the money to pay for others to do those things for you. You are pretty mobile too because you don't have many things to be accountable for. See being in poverty not only has a bad side but can also have a good if you are using the right perspective.

The Cons/Dangers Of Poverty

A danger of being in poverty is that the worse it gets the more worried you are about even making it to the next day. When poor you can't afford needed things such as water, food, and shelter. When in a situation like this since you either don't have shelter or your shelter isn't stable you are at a risk of people stealing from you. You are also at risk of being a criminal just to get to the next day. You are also at risk of bad health because you can't afford the visits to the doctor.


"If poverty was a real war how would people act differently?"

I think that if poverty was a real war people wouldn't try to help as much as we would want them to if they had the choice to be neutral. I guess it is different looking at the data collected after someone declared war on poverty, and poverty being a war army against army. The answer could go both ways because if it were either on the side of poverty being good and poverty being bad and you had no choice but to chose one, people would chose the right side. But I think that since the movement of ending poverty isn't something that everyone has to be a part of, they don't want to be a part of it. So, in conclusion I think that if poverty was a real war the amount of people in poverty would definitely go down.

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