Republic of Cameroon

Culture of Republic of Cameroon

The People

The people of the Republic of Cameroon have lots of things about them. The population is 16.1 million people and growing. The offical language is English/French, but they have over 240 languages. Over half of the population belives in Christinaity, and the rest is Muslim or other belifs. They present themselves clean, and well groomed, and wear many colors.
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Handshakes are taken seriously and are used to greet people every day. Greetings like hugs are only for family and close friends, no one else. People are not allowed to aproch someone of royalty, but they can if they are told how to act. Cameroonians only use the right hand to eat,passing an object, and greeting. if someone uses the left hand they must apologize. They are entertained by mostly dance and other things
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Cameroon is a unitary republic, where the president appoints the prime minister. The voting age is you must be 20 or older. The Cameroon economy depends on oil, coffee, and cocoa prices. most people sell food by farming it then going to a market
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