Upcoming in Week 6

A Look at Next Week...

Upcoming Dates

This is the last week of the 1st Six Weeks. MAKE SURE YOUR GRADES ARE CURRENT!!!

Next week everyone will be testing for the end of the six weeks. Scantrons need to be turned in as soon as tests are taken. Please turn in the majority of students, and then any who were absent as they get done. This way we will have data to review during Week 7.


No Birthdays this week...


See You at the Pole

Fall Pictures

Andy Discovers America

This is an episode from the Andy Griffith Show in 1963. There are so many lessons for us as teachers in this video. The video is about 25 minutes. The best part is right in the middle when Andy explains the Revolutionary War. Any subject can be turned into a story... and boy, it makes a difference!!! Enjoy!!
The Andy Griffith Show- Andy Discovers America- Season 3, Episode 23 (1963)

Lesson Plan Reminders

Teachers, your designated leave time is 4 pm. Unless you have cleared it with Mr. Hagler, please be on campus until 4 pm each afternoon.

This is a time when you and your teaching partner can work on lesson plans, re-alignment, activities, etc.

As I go through lesson plans and I am in classrooms, I am noticing that teacher partners and plans are not aligned. Some of this is expected with groups and classes having different needs. HOWEVER, it is very important that your lesson plans stay up-to-date and reflect what is happening.

Up-to-Date lesson plans are also very helpful in emergency situations with substitutes. Please remember to include what resources you are pulling. Vague or unclear plans make days very unproductive, and valuable instruction time is lost.

Also, we need to make sure that the classrooms come back together at some point since we give common tests in DMAC. All students need exposure and instruction on the same concepts and content.

Remember that you and your partner need to take the same assignments as grades, and grade with the same expectations. We need to make sure we are consistent in our expectations.

Please have lesson plans ready by 4pm Friday afternoon.

Please remember to:

  • Include details
  • Include instructional support details
  • Include Reading/ Writing
  • What is happening in small groups?
  • Details of progress monitors daily
  • ANYTHING related to your TTESS goals established over the last couple of weeks


  • DRA Progress Monitoring will begin during Week 8.

BlackLine Masters

Link to K-3

Link to 4-8



DRA2+ App User Guide

DRA Trainings

What is Progress Monitoring?

Progress Monitoring Instructional Video

  • Please do not take grades on very short assignments. With less than 9 or 10 questions, it is very easy to start having low grades by missing 1 or 2. Keep this in mind when you are creating assignments.
  • ALWAYS provide Feedback to students... it can be written or verbal... but, it needs to be done... even in the student's interactive notebooks
  • Make sure you are handing out assignment sheets.

Student Improvement Meetings Next Week

Next week we will look at data from the following places (only those that apply to your subject areas):

  • iStation

The document below will lead our discussions about data. You need to look at the data ahead of time to be able to discuss main points in the 30ish minutes that we have.

Please be prepared.


Big image

Students should work continuously for 20 or 30 minutes per login session. There are checkpoints throughout the instructional cycle. If they are working in small chunks of time, they will only repeat the same instruction over and over.

Students will reassess at the beginning of each month to help chart growth.

Istation Information for ALL teachers...

I would encourage all teachers to view the webinar that Shelby sent out weeks ago. Even if you are not an enrichment teacher, there are activities that you can assign students to practice skills and concepts. This would be good for station work or group activities.

The webinar is also very informative about what reports and other options are available.

Please take the time to watch.