My Summer Plans

By Cadey Carmin


We are driving to Florida after my birthday, to see my uncle, aunt, grandma, and grandpa. We will be staying with my grandpa and grandma in Tampa, and aunt and uncle in Orlando. I am also going to see my friend, at the beach! I think we are staying in Florida for about 2 weeks! Then on the way back, we will stop in Nashville, Tennessee, and The Arch in St. Louis and other attractions on the route that we are going!


We will go to the Island Oasis a few times, but we will mostly swim in our pool, and sit in the hot tub at our house.


I will be going to Volleyball and Softball ones.


A lot of the time I will watch Netflix, I will be home a lot in June, because my mom is getting surgery on her hand and elbow, so she wont be able to drive for a while, since it on her right hand. Right now she had it also done on her left hand, but she doesn't do much with her left, so she mostly can do a lot right now.


We will probably go to the Lake because my grandma and grandpa have a boat, and my mom and day might get a jet ski, again.


I will probably go to the gym, with friends, or do workouts at home, because I need get in shape, and lose weight.