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The Prestige Plus Benefits team administers a benefits suite to your community on behalf of community owners. CHR communities have a separate addendum to the employment handbook regarding paid time off programs including vacation, sick and holidays. Due to recent changes in the state of Oregon and local law in the city of Tacoma the addendums’ Sick Leave program has been revised for all CHR communities with a retroactive effective date of Jan 1, 2016.

Continue to read this notice for further details, training and action items you must take this week.


Complete the following training and tasks this week or by May 9, 2016. Items include:

  • Print the training handout
  • Review the 15-minute training video
  • Provide training to all supervisors and managers at your community using these materials
  • Print the CHR Addendum and provide 2 copies to each team member. One will be a copy for them to take home; another is for their signature and placement in their employment file.
  • Replace the addendum provided in your new hire orientation process with this revised acknowledgement.

You will be responsible for completing this training for yourself and arranging all supervisors at your location to watch the video training, distribution of the revised addendum and placement of a signed copy in the team members file.

Prestige Plus Benefits Team

For questions regarding this revised policy and other benefit, leave and workers' compensation items, please contact us.

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CHR Addendum to Sick Policy Video Training