Learning a Second Language

Get a head start

Young vs Old

There are pros and cons to learning Spanish at different stages of life. Though they don't understand much at this stage, young children are able to learn easier because their brains are still developing neurologically. But teens and young adults can use their first language and learning tactics to assist the learning of their second language.


It takes about 2-4 years to achieve basic interpersonal communication skills in a second language. And about 4-10 years to read, write, speak, and listen at an academic level.

Attitude and Changing Factors

To successfully learn a second language, you have to want to. You need a growth mindset going into it and you'll get growth out of it if you do. You'll get out what you put in. Quality of instruction and access to the language are also major factors in how well you learn a language. So, with practice and a good attitude, learning a language can be an easy ride.