Knight Notes

April 25, 2016

Happy Monday!

Good morning--

I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend and enjoyed the outstanding weather.

Have a wonderful week!



Please note that EOCs are occurring again this week. please help to ensure a great testing environment by stressing the importance of being quiet with your students and by limiting passes whenever possible. We appreciate you help. Thank you.


  • Congratulations to all our Support Staff Member of the Year finalists:

    Thank you to these amazing individuals for what they do every day!

Robert Gruettemeyer

Marilyn Jarvis

Arlene Kearns

Cindy McDaniels

Debb McDonald

Rae Ann Noah

Marlene Wilcoxen

  • Happy Secretary's Day (April 27) to the wonderful administrative assistants at FHN! They do a wonderful job of helping everyone at this school and we are very thankful for them.

  • Congratulations to Guadalupe Medina-Pintor,Abril Romero,Jamie Sneed,and Caitlind Walker

  • Congratulations to Mensur Koso for being selected to Missouri 100. He is one of he top students in Missouri.

  • Congratulations to Madeline Fields,

    Devyn Meyer, and Noah Slaughter for being selected to attend the Missouri Scholars Academy.
  • Congratulations to Zachary Cary,Chase Jefferson, Jose Miguel Alega, Jacob Oleshchuk, and Michael Shine who were selected to attend Boys State.
  • Congratulations to FHNToday for winning a Pacemaker being recognized by SNO as a distinguished site.

  • We had five placers at the state SkillsUSA competition...Austin Mills (1st place),Jenna Rodriguez (1st place), Nathan Dodge (2nd place),Eric Horton (2nd place), and Dylan Ehlers (3rd place).

5 Quick Facts

Beth Roberts-Special Education

# 1: This is my 11th year at FHN, the first 9 years I was an Essential Skills teacher.

# 2: I have been married to my husband, Adam, since Oct of 2004, but we started dating in HS in 1996.

# 3 : I have 2 wonderful daughters, Hannah(7) and Isabel(5), they are VERY energetic, have caring but STRONG personalities, and keep me on my TOES daily!!

# 4: I also have a 1 1/2 year old fur baby named Lucy. She is a rescue dog, we think she is a terrier mix. She is VERY energetic but loves to snuggle at night. In fact, she sleeps under the covers with us :)

# 5: My husband and I enjoying trying new restaurants. We are always looking for a new place to check out. One of our STL favorites is The Tavern.

Next up: Cheryl Lombardo

Check Out

As we have done the last few years, you will be able to checkout on May 19th and not come in on May 20th if you log 3.5 hours of work time on your own and keep a log. You do not have turn in the log. You just would have to produce it if you were asked. More information about the checkout will be forthcoming.

District Information

The LEAP program is accepting applications for the 2016-17 school year. This two-year program for aspiring administrators provides certified staff members an opportunity to grow their capacity in managerial and instructional leadership. To review the prerequisites and application process, please click here. Participants will complete an online application and provide building administrators with a paper recommendation form. All application materials must be received by Dr. Connie Buckman by May 1. Please contact Dr. Buckman with questions.


Tools for your Toolbox:
Thumb Up/Down Vote
* How it works:
- Ask a question for which a yes/no or agree/disagree response is appropriate.
- Ask students to put their thumb pointing up if the answer is yes, or if they
agree. Ask students to put their thumb pointing down if the answer is no, or if
they disagree. You can also give in-between options (for example, thumb
sideways if they're not sure).
- Don't forget to follow through. If you ask students to vote, don't move on until
they have all done so.
* How to Ensure Higher-Order Thinking
- Link your Thumb Up/Down Votes with a quick Pair-Share in which students
justify their rationale for voting the way they did. Add in the in-between
options. Rarely is anything black or white. Allow students to put thumbs at an
angle or sideways to take the middle road. Practice creating statements that
can be either true or false depending on the rationale.
- The key is that students be able to justify why they selected that response,
even if it was a neutral response.


KNIGHTS @ 90: Our goal of having 90% of our students in attendance 90% of the time is still within reach. Please encourage all students to stay motivated through the last 19 days and to be here so they can prepare themselves for finals!


Please hand deliver all ISAP work to Room 161 for the remainder of the year. If you need to send work electronically email it to Rebekah Sawyer in 23. Also, if you need students in ISAP attend your class (lab, etc.), please escort the student to your class and back or make arrangements with another staff member to do so.


Climate: Climate Committee invites you to join us at FHN Staff Day the Varsity Baseball game on May 3rd. The game begins at 4:15 and the Knights will take on Fort Zumwalt West. Bring your camping/lawn chairs and cheer on the Knights. More details will be sent via email.

EOC and ACT Testing Window

4/25- 5/3 Alg 1 and Bio

PD Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 26th, 2:30pm

Learning Commons

PLC Leader Training

Thursday, April 28th, 2:30pm

Learning Commons

Pre-Prom Assembly

Friday, April 29th, 12:45-2:30pm


On Friday, April 29, 2016 there will be a pre prom assembly for the Juniors and Seniors. An announcement will be made at 1250 to dismiss the Juniors and Seniors to the big gym.

*Teachers that have only Juniors and Seniors in their 6th period classes, please escort your class with their belongings to the big gym and remain in the gym with your class.

*Teachers that have mixed classes 6th period, please allow these students to go to the big gym with their belongings when the announcement is made.

*Juniors and Seniors will remain in the gym and be dismissed to go home at 2:20 PM.

Staff Chats

Monday, May 9th, 10am-12pm

Learning Commons

Chats will take place during lunches and after school at 2:30. See you there!

Climate Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 12th, 2:30pm

main office