Recyle - Chair



Design One

For the first design,I will design a simple chair. Because it allows me to simple know about chairs, from the most primitive state,i can knowing the design and production of the chair.For first chair, I will design a comfortable backrest and comfortable armrests. It is very simple and comfortable, we can often see it in life.

Design Two

The second design is's very comfortable for people sit on.Because it have backrest and armrest,people do like these king of chairs. This one is fit to my design specification,it have backrest and armrest,this chair is really good.And for my customer requirements, can be relatively easy to take away as well as very strong, not easily broken. I think I will spend time on this design.

Design Three

My third design is very suitable for sleeping, because he has a long length and very comfortable backrest.We can use it to rest, when I'm very tired, but this is not suitable for customer requirements, customer requirements can be easily taken away, but this is not, it may very heavy.So I will take some strengths in the design, throw away the weaknesses.

The final design will be my second design, this chair is very popular, because it sat really comfortable and soft armrests and backrest, tired people think this chair is their paradise.Compared to other designs, it also has its characteristics, and is very suitable for the requirements of my clients, I will try to design some color to make it more perfect.I think this design is very attractive.We can also see it in life.