Mario Fiore

Fishing Enthusiast


Fishing is my favorite thing to do. I fish for catfish most of the time. I also love catching gar and carp too because they really put up a fight when reeling them in. The biggest fish I have ever seen is a 52 pound shovel head (flat head) catfish. Where I go fishing there is a type of fish we catch we call perch but we don't know the actual name.
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I have two older siblings, a boy and a girl. My sister is 14 years old and in 8th grade. My brother is 22 years old and sits in his room and plays video games all day. My mom is like the nicest mom in the world, most of the time.


I have a dog, two turtles, and three rabbits. Two of the rabbits we own are pregnant because my sister shows rabbits at the fair. I used to have a guinea pig, until it died. When I was little I used to have a lot of different fish that I can't remember what they are called or what they look like.


I have played quite a few game systems including Game Cube, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox360,etc. I also play clash of clans and BTD5(Bloons Tower Defense 5) on my iPod. I have played Black Ops 1 and 2. I have played lots of Mario games and I have played Super Smash Bros. on the game cube.


I used to have a lot of Lego until I got rid of them. After fifth grade when I was going into sixth grade I went to a program at the high school during summer. There I joined Lego club. We built roller coasters and made a bunch of other Lego and K'nex structures. We also went on a trip to Kings Island for Lego club.