say NO to school uniforms!

by: Olivia G.

why you should say NO!

  1. every student looks the same
  2. 176 more days of boring uniforms
  3. a lot of students are against school uniforms

students will rebel

  • students will feel like they have there rights taken away from them
  • each student is different
  • each student has there own type of style and each uniform is exactly the same

Laura Palti-

"i think that uniforms stop us from expressing yourself."
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everybody would look the same

  • nobody will feel like their own individual
  • when students are dressing how they want to dress they will feel more confident
  • uniforms take away freedom to express yourself and your personality
  • you would look exactly the same to everybody else also

just plain uniforms themselfs

  • the cost is very high
  • washing clothes every single night is a big hassle
  • parents may also rebel against the uniforms
What is your opinion on School Uniforms?