6th grade survival guide

welcome to 6th grade

Your going to have fun in 6th grade there will be fun activities and you will learn alot and make alot of new friends trust me when i was in 5th grade i was scared because you will move to different classes you would have to remember where you go when class in over and you only have 3 minuts to go to the bathroom or get anything out of your locker but trust me you will have alot of fun in 6th grade

strike system

well theres this thing called the strike system and this is how it works if u be late for classes or forget something in your locker or be disrespectful to teacher u will get a strike and if you get 10 strikes your out but it restarts every quarter and in 4th quarter if u get 10 strikes you cant go to this thing during school so pretty much you'll be playing outside most of the day and if you have 10 strikes you will stay in and do work.