Parent Advisory Committee Meeting~

PAC Meeting Tuesday, January 5th @ the Wasilla Raven Office~

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Please join us at 2:00 Tuesday, January 5th for our monthly Parent Advisory Committee meeting (PAC). We would like to hear from you!
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Raven Correspondence School / YKSD

Raven Homeschool

PAC Meeting, Tuesday, January 5, 2:00-3:00 pm

I. Greetings!

II. AMP Standardized Test

a. General overview of Assessment results across Alaska, RCS & rationale

b. Reading the AMP score report

III. RCS-Wasilla proposed test procedures for the upcoming AMP.

In office / computer based

AMP window: March 29-May 3.


a. Grade versus Family

b. Office time Table

c. View on KITE: Chrome, family MacBook

d. AMP it UP Workshops

IV. Notice of extra curricular events:

a. Additional ideas for extra curricular opportunities

b. Notification –to families - Monthly / Weekly / Office calendar

V. P.E. Equipment / Parent views


Alaska Department of Education and Early Development has relaxed the homeschool regulation that restricts the purchase of PE equipment.

“A correspondence study program may not pay for or provide money for…physical education equipment….”

VI. FYI: New Raven Corr. School website under construction

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