Need cupcakes?

But you're freaking out because you can't bake?

Don't worry we got you covered!

Welcome to Dancer's Delight! We are two aspiring dancers who are trying to make money so we can take some classes to keep up our training during the summer. We also happen to have a secret hidden talent...baking! So we figured why not start an at-home cupcake business? And there you go, Dancer's Delight was born. We can make any type of cupcake imaginable. We can go with a theme, color scheme or holiday! We incorporate details not only into our cupcakes but into our wrappers and our decorations!

Take a look at some of our cupcakes!

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Dancer's Delight is a temporary business that is available through Saturday August 8th - Monday August 31st.

Payment is cash/check only and price varies depending on type of cupcake.