Slavery, A Dark Time

By: Jarrett Kruse

1. Slavery, Daily Life

Slaves were mainly Africans and were shipped to America on boats. In America the Men worked in the fields and did the dirty work. The Women stayed inside and did dishes, cleaning and cooked the food for there owners. Most families were separated and sold at least once by there slave owner. Slavery lasted about 250 years. ( Picture from )

2. Underground Railroad

What was the Underground Railroad ? The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses that helped slaves escape to free states and Canada. Harriet Tubman is the most popular name you will here when it comes to the railroad. She was a slave who escaped and went back to help other slaves escape. She made 19 trips and rescued 300 slaves from slavery. There was a want for her capture at $40,000. During the Civil War she worked as a cook, a nurse and a spy. She died in 1913. ( Picture from )

3. Music

During Slavery music played a very important role. The songs kept the slaves spirits high and some songs had secret codes. The secret codes gave directions to Canada or mentioned escaping / becoming free. In the song " Follow the Drinking Gourd " it tells the slaves to follow the drinking gourd to Canada. ( picture from )