In My Free Time

what i do in my free time

What Do I Do In My Free Time?

In my free time I read.

I have read a lot of books in my free time or in school. I usually read realistic fiction books or autobiographies. I like to learn about people's life or stories. I have read books like, A Dogs Life or 13 Reasons Why and books similar to that. A Dogs Life is all about a dog named Squirrel. Squirrel lives in an abandoned shed behind a wealthy families home. The book is mostly Squirrel's journey of finding a forever home and a loving family. She comes across plenty of families but none seem right for her.

13 reasons why is about a young girl, Hannah who committed suicide for reasons nobody knows. Until the cassette tapes arrive at Clay Jensen's doorstep. While listening to the cassette tapes he learns about the horrible things people can do to a person, in this case, Hannah.