Touching Spirit Bear


The setting in this story mostly takes place on an island for off Alaska where people say a spirit bear thrives around these parts.

Main Characters

Cole-The main character who has come to this island to rid of his anger.

Garvey-The man who is trying to help Cole who also had the same problem when he was Coles age.

Edwin-He shows Cole ways to rid of his anger. An example would be soaking in the ice cold pond every morning.

Peter- The kid Cole abused when he was angry. Cole has been experiencing depression and eventually comes to the island to get help as well.

Characteristics of Cole

1. Cole has always had issues in his life especially with his father.

2. Wants nothing to do with getting rid of his anger but soon has a change of mind.

3. He is extremely stubborn he hates following rules and usually gets angry if he is forced to do something.

4. He often cannot control himself. For example he bashed Peter`s head on a sidewalk when he lost his control when anger took over.

5. He is tall muscular has sometimes an intimidating look but his look changes at the end of the story........


1. Cole Matthews loses his anger at his school and beats up a so called snitch Peter Districal.

2. Cole joins a group called the circle which has people to help and control his massive temper.

3. He is then sent to an Alaskan island where Garvey learned to control his temper at a young age.

4. When Cole arrives at the island he thinks the idea is very stupid but soon changes his mind.

5. Garvey told Cole about spirit bears that are said to roam Alaskan islands.

6. After a while on the island Cole confronts the spirit bear and attacks it showing no fear because he doesn't care if he dies because his life is horrible because of his dad.

7. After trying to hurt the Sprit bear Cole is injured off the brink of death.

8. When Cole lay motionless for days he realizes that he wants to continue life he made this decision after watching two baby birds die of a storm.

9. Cole realized that those birds that were killed never desevered to die.

10. After Garvey rescues him the circle decides to send him back instead of jail.

11. He was doing very well after a while and builds a new shelter for himself because he burnt the other one down in anger.

12. But Cole soon gets word that Peter tried to commit suicide.

13. Cole had no choice to invite Peter to the island to rid of his stress as he did his anger.

14. It took a very long time, Cole tried everything he could but nothing was working to help.

15. But then Peter was trying to get cole back. Doing things like destroying the totems Cole made to relive his temper.

16. But Peter seemed to be getting better but his parents still didn't trust Cole ( they probably never will ).

17. Finally Cole wanted to take Peter for a walk to the soaking pond (where they would soak in the morning to become invisible or in other words hiding their anger ).

18. So they went on the walk by themselves and Peter just cracked. Peter said his life was terrible and Cole said he knew how Peter felt. Peter did not believe that so started to beat up Cole as Cole did to him.

19. But as Peter calmed down less than 10 feet away the Spirit bear appeared. Peter was so surprised he couldn't speak.

20. Finally Peter realized Cole had changed even in the fight Cole didn't fight back.


I predict that this adventure is not over. When Cole and Peter go back to civilization school will be hard. If Peter is bullied Cole may lose his anger. They will have to try hard to contain themselves. But the next book is for you to decide.

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