By: AaliyahS. and MadisynR.

3 Properties of Magnets

1.Magnets attract iron and materials that contain iron.

2.Magnets attract or repel other magnets.

3.In addition, one part of a magnet will always point north when allowed to swing freely.

Magnetic Poles

Their are 2 types of poles

1. North pole

2.South pole

How poles interact

  • Like poles repel
  • Unlike poles attract

Magnetic Force

2 types of force

  1. Push
  2. Pull

Relate Magnetic Force to poles

  • Like poles push
  • Unlike poles pull

Magnetic Fields

What are they?

Magnetic fields are exerted all around a magnet.

How is distance determined?

1.If you get closer to the poles the magnetic gets stronger.

2.If you are farther away from the poles the magnetic gets weaker.

Where are the field lines the strongest?

At the North and South pole.

Magnetic Domains

Explain how magnetism is affected be magnetic domains.

If the domains are lined up, it's magnetic.

If the domains are not lined up, it's not magnetic.

Explain how magnetic domains "look" in magnetic materials.

Domains all face the same way.

Extra informatin

Any other interesting information you learned about magnets in this chapter.

Madisyn learned that if you break a magnet you will have 2 magnets.

Aaliyah learned that there are more than 1 magnet.