Articles of the Constitution:

quick & easy to remember!

Lucy (Article I)

"L" stands for the Legislative Branch that creates the laws. And also what power the states have. This article is the longest section of all the articles because our founding fathers thought it was a very important part of american government.

Always remember: Congress=legislative branch

Eats (Article II)

"E" stand for the Executive Branch and how they enforce the laws. This branch of government is head by the President.

Jellybeans (Article III)

"J" stand for the judicial branch and how they interprets the laws. This branch includes the Supreme court and lower courts under it.

So (Article IV)

"S" stands for "states rights" and in this article they talk about state relationships and how they interact with each other through government. This can be about admitting new states, state government, etc.

Alex (Article V)

"A" stands for Amended because this article is about how the constitution can be amended or changed.

Stays (Article VI)

"S" stands for Supremacy because this article says how the laws work and which law is Supreme. In clause to of this article it states the "Supremacy Clause" saying that when power is shared with national and state government, the national government will always win. And says that states can't go against federal law.

Respectful (Article VII)

"R" stands for Ratification because this amendment explains what steps have to be taken to make the Constitution the law of the land/national law.