Teen Health

Mc Donnalds vs Subway

Why do people rather eat a big mac over a healthy sub from subway? McDonnalds is more common restraunt to go to if your hungry. But most people who go there don't know how much fat is in their food they buy. You have no idea if the workers do wrong on your food. Compare to McDonalds, Subway is healthier, They have a great varity of vegatables. and they make sure their food is fresh. Next time you go out to a restraunt pick Subway over Mcdonalds. Eat Healthy

What Smoking Affects Your Health

Are you a heavy smoker? Teens smoke to reduce stress or they think its cool. But one thing they don't pay attention to is the chemicals being put into your body. There is 4,000 chemicals in a a pack of cigarettes. As a friend ever offered you a cigarette? think twice before a deciding. Your brain's messaging system will become addicted to them if you smoke more then one cig a day.

Don't stay in an abusive of relationship

Is your partner hitting,kicking, choking you? Are they making fun of you or calling you names? Are they forcing sex on you? If so, you are in a horrible relationship and need to get out. When you decide to be in a relationship, make sure it is a healthy one. In healthy relationships, people they trust each other, talk openly with each other, they respect each other and are kind, and they are happy and have fun. Relationships are hard and take work make sure your partner is worth it. Don't accept people who don't respect you and treat you badly. Only accept the best!!

Sexual Harrassment

Teens these days are harrasing people to make others feel uncomfortable. Harrassement is unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature thay makes someone feel uncomfortable. Are getting harrassed by internet or text messages? Some people are harrassed by internet people call it cyberbullying. If you keep getting harrassed get help by telling an adult or telling the police.

Most Common Birth Control Method Used

Did you know condoms are the most used form of birth control. Condoms block semen by collecting semen when the penis ejaculates. The good thing about condoms is that you don't have to remember to take a pill everyday. They are cheap unlike the other methods that can cost 100 dollars or more and with some of the other methods you have to get them from the doctor. They are easy to find in a local store. A disadvantage is that condoms can sometimes break and not always work. Condoms help perventing stds. Condoms are effective 85% of the time. If you don't want to get pregnant I recommend abstinence because that is the only 100% guarantee that you will not get pregnant.

Underage Drinking

Is your friends offering you to drink under 21? Teens starting in middle school to high schoolers are drinking alcholol Teens that are under the age 21 have a great risk of being in crimes. The ones who do drink likely to have serious problems in school. Don't just underage drink just to be cool. If they say yes to have a drink then those are the ones who should be getting help stop drinking problem. When someone offers you a drink saying no. Make a right choice


Do you know how you get the herpes virus? You can get genital herpes by not only having vaginal sex but also can get it from anal and oral Sex. Do you know when you know you have herpes? If you're having pain when you pee, red bumps appearing as watery blisters, also if you're itching in pain. 74 percent of teens get herpes and rarely teens don't know they have herpes. Herpes have no treatment but the symptoms can go away. When you have sex next time wear a condom. Best way to help prevent of getting Herpies is to abstain from having sex.


Are you eating your fruits? In fact the most uncommon fruit you should eat more than any fruit is a Kiwi. Most people pass Kiwis in the store not knowing how important they are. Did you know that kiwis are the world's healthiest fruit? A kiwi fruit has vitamin B, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E, thats healthier than an orange! Next time you go to the store pick up the world's healithiest friut for all your nutrients and vitamins. Its the perfect snack.

What drugs does to your brain

Have you ever imagined what drugs can do to your brain? Is drugs effecting your brain to keep taking these drugs? Our brains are made up of billions of nerve cells. Some teenagers do drugs, and they don't care what is happening to their brains. It activates neurons by chemicals. Did you ever wonder why some teens have hard time remembering and thinking? That's because most teens are addicted to them and affects their brain to think you need the drug. Want your brain to be stay great? Stop doing drugs. Make a good choice.