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Brain Jack, the movie that swept the nation.

Brain Jack is a thrilling and action-packed movie based on the same-titled book called Brain Jack by Brian Falker. Sam Wilsonis a genius hacker. When he hacks into Telecomerica, the whole worlds turned upside down. After getting a job at Cyber Defense Devision (CDD), Ursula, a meda-system in neuro-headsets, whips everyone's brain in CDD to make them think Sam is a hacker agianist them. Will Sam prove himself incent? Can Ursula take the minds of all neuro-headset owners?

"It's not faith in technology, it's faith in technology" ~Steve Jobs

Dead by Neuro-Headset

Fargas died two days ago, when he got a neuro-headset. He became a game addict and stoped eating. He was found passed out in the hallway. Sam Wilson, a good friend of Fargas, said he wish he wasn't away and could have helped his friend. This is the fifth death since neuro-headsets came out two weeks ago.
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Made by: Kayleigh Gibson