Michael Lawrence

BA Liberal Arts - Language Arts and History

A little bit about me...

I enjoy reading and writing above everything else. When I started taking classes at Ashford, I really did not have much of a plan, other than to develop some self discipline. I figured this would help me become a better writer. However, after only a couple of classes, I found another passion to add to my short list. I found that as time went on, I wanted more and more to become an educator myself. I have recently had a high school friend of mine take me under his wing, and he has helped me a great deal in providing me with direction in this regard. I am now studying for my Praxis series tests, and hoping to become certified in the state of Maine to teach in both Language Arts and History sometime early next year (2015). I am excited to become a mentor, as I believe this will be an important first step towards this new goal, and will give me some experience working in a coaching and supporting role, something I hope to take with me into my future endeavors. Teaching is an attractive career choice to me, because it would allow me to stay in the world of academia, and the schedule would allow me time to continue to write. I have had a turbulent work history in my thirty years, but I feel I have finally found my "calling" as it were, and look forward to working with and learning from everyone I encounter in this program. Being so close to graduation, I am thrilled to be given this opportunity, and hopefully I will make some great networking connections that will help me further pursue my career goals.