Unit 4 Summative

Michael Shepherd



Groups gain and lose a concept we call "power" that may be defined as "control" or other such words, yet the concept is flawed, for there is no power as "control", there is only power as influence, and with the rise and fall of influence or "power" over time, groups and individuals may gain and lose rights and freedoms.


The idea that power is a flawed concept is supported by the video "I am Malala". Some people would say that the Taliban has power because they can, and will, kill you for standing up for what you believe, but that did not stop Malala. Even when they tried to kill her and failed, she not only continued to believe what she wanted and do what she wanted, she redoubled her efforts and became more successful for it. In a nutshell, saying that "power is control" and "the Taliban has power" negate each other because they were not able to stop even a little girl from doing what she wanted. They had incredible influence over her, for they could hurt her and possibly kill her, but she still has the choice of whether to stop and conform or carry on with her beliefs.


Real world examples:

In present day, this enduring understanding is shown in many ways. One of these is the fact that children have less rights and freedoms than adults. As a child you must go to school, you must do what your parents say (or if you do not, there are consequences), and you are not allowed to do many other things, such as drive, vote, and if you so wish, drink alcohol. Even though most (if not all) of these limitations and/or rules This is also shown in the workforce where between a man and a woman that have the same credentials, the man is more likely to get the job. This shows that women have less freedoms than men in some cases.


I think that the issue of women not having the freedoms of men is disappearing rapidly and that within the next few years, women will have the same rights and freedoms as men. I also believe that children will always be limited and expected to obey their parents, etc.


Relate to my classes:

This EU can be applied to any one of my classes because the students do not have as many rights/freedoms or as much power as the teacher or an administrator.

6 word story:

rights/freedoms change as worlds grow