Summer Institute for the Gifted

at the University of Chicago

Greetings Parents!

Parents and Guardians of SIG Students: we are excited that our first SIG session at the University of Chicago has begun. It was great to meet many of you, your families, and most importantly, the SIG students, yesterday at registration. The next three weeks at SIG will be a life-changing experience for all of our students, and twice a week, we will send you a newsletter to highlight some of the many activities, courses, and exploration that is happening here at the University of Chicago.

The First Day!

The first day was filled with excitement and wonder as the students explored the University of Chicago with their peers. Students began to discuss topics related to Bioengineering, Chemistry, Fitness, Algebra, SAT Word Origins, and much more. After classes, senior students went for a library orientation in one of the U of Chicago's prestigious libraries while other students went to the U of Chicago bookstore, or just played games or relaxed on the campus quad. During the evening students had rec time in the pool while others played sports, board games, and just hung out as they met new people. Today is the first full day of academic classes, recreational activities, and residential activities. We know that many of our students are adjusting to the schedule, time difference, the campus, and each other, but we know that your child will have the time of his or her life the next three weeks!

Upcoming Events for Residential and Extended Commuter Students

Tuesday-Mentalist and Magician/Danny Orleans
Thursday-Staff Talent Show
Friday-Brain Bowl

Summer Institute for the Gifted at the University of Chicago

Tony Curtis-Site Director
Alena Treat-Academic Dean
Jameil Floyd-Student Activities Dean
Catherine Rieck-Residential Dean
Jacqueline Dufek-Nurse