New Resources For New Economies

The Problem

Our economy is dependent on oil. This dependency has put us in a bad situation. Oil is becoming scarce, that means our economy is dropping. What we need to do as a union is refresh our economy with a new resource.

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Steps to Sucess

Step 1. Find a new resource

We will accomplish this by looking for other environmentally efficient resources that can be used instead of using oil all in the whole nation.

Step 2. Make economy more open to other resources

Currently, the main resource used is oil, and in order to introduce another resource and for the resource to be accepted, the nation must first realize that the only solution is not the use of oil, but the use of all the available resources.

Step 3. Introduce new resource

When the resource has been finalized and ready for the economy to accept it, then the new resource will be used for the boosting of the economy.

Step 4. Reduce need for oil

As the new resource becomes a new need or desire then the economy will gradually be dependent on oil.

Step 5. Base economy upon new resource.

When the economy is less dependent on old resource and more dependent on new resource, then the need for oil and the need to be involved in oil-rich countries' economies will vanish, therefore, there will be more peace in the world.

Written Statement

The government is in a state of crisis. Our economy is beginning to fail because our number one resource is becoming scarce. We have created an organization to help this crisis, New Resources For New Economies also known as N.R.F.N.E. We have created this organization in order to save our economy. Our main goal is to help America, what do we need? A new resource! As said in our title, new resources for a new economy. What America needs is a new resource for the new building of our economy. The Introduction of our new resource will bring a great future, to rebuild America back to the top of the list.

Our plan is to make the economy more open to new resources. Oil is now the main source and in order to use a new source it needs to be accepted by the economy. We need to get the U.S. to realize that oil is not the only solution and that there are a lot more resources available to help the economy. Next, the new resource needs to be introduced. We need to make the economy less dependent on oil and bring in the new innovation for this resource. Once it is accepted it can be finalized and begin to be used for the boosting of the economy.

The next step to creating a better economy for the United States is to reduce the need for the current resource, this being oil. As the new resource has a greater demand, then the economy will become less dependent on oil, therefore preserving what little there is left of it. All conflict will disappear when the economy is less dependent on the old resource and more dependent on new resources, because the need for oil will vanish, therefore the United states will no longer need to be involved in the Middle Eastern oil-rich countries’ economies.

All of these actions taken by the N.R.F.N.E. will do what the name of the organization states. It will find a new resource in order to have a new, better, improved economy.