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5th transnational meeting in Malta - N2L84ES 3- 5 May 2015

In the frame of the European Grundtvig project (Adult Education) "Never Too Late For European Synergy) the representatives of Desmos NGO participated in the last 5th partner meeting in Malta (Valletta)

According the Agenda of the meeting the partners presented the final poetic products (videos), the final version of the poetic glossary, the updates of the official website and the results of the need analysis after the implementation and application of the work plan on the adult’s participants during the 2 years project.

The partners continued the activities at the “Upper Barracca Gardens” in Valletta where the filmed the last part of their video tasks. (The Film N2L84ES catch phrase to add to film as introduction and conclusion)

More infos about the project and its aims you can find in the brochure here :


A small sample from our poetic presentations

Turn.INC*: A turning point to inclusion Aveiro Portugal 20-25 May 2015

Training seminar for youth trainers - Aveiro Portugal

Mrs Fotini Komninou, Youth leader and trainer, participated as a representative of the Desmos NGO in the training seminar entitled "Turn.INC *: a turning point to inclusion" held in Aveiro, Portugal, on 20-25 May 2015. Responsible institution for this event was the National Agency of Portugal in cooperation with the National Agencies of Greece, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The training seminar was implemented in the frame of the 1st Academy for Youth Development. The Academy is the result of a joint action plan between the National Agency for Erasmus + Youth in Action of Portugal, the National Youth Council and the Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sports which aims to promote a non-formal education through training and skills development for the Youth trainers (youthworkers), for youth organizations and new youthleaders. This initiative will have an annual periodicity and the first part of this took place in 2015 entitled "Non-Formal Education, Human Rights and Integration."

The purpose of the training course was to empower people who have not participated previously in the program and working with young people. Objectives of the training course was to identify the challenges for young people with fewer opportunities to participate in international operations, to investigate the difficulties faced by those involved in the integration of these people in international activities and the promotion of the program as an integration tool and creation of future collaborations.

Υouth from Greece, Turkey, Malta, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Norway and the United Kingdom participated in this great meeting !