Friday Fax

December 4, 2015

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Week 16 on the Curriculum Map

Dec. 7--Gather in Michigan State-7:30--AdvancEd session with Jaime

Dec. 9-Elem Christmas Program-6:30--Grade K, 2 and 4

Dec. 10-Staff P-ENHS-Topic of Grading

Dec 15- Staff gathering for Christmas--3:00

Dec 15, 16, and 17--Claus' Closet Shopping

Dec 19-Start of Break

Jan 15-Avilla Night at ENHS BB Game

Feb 6th Avilla Staff Night with Komet Hockey

PD Thursdays

This Thursday EN PD session will focus on two parts of the grading discussion. We will be chatting about the impact of attendance and extra credit as it pertains to the process of grades. I encourage you to attend if you can as we are looking at developing a district wide policy on grading. There are many other topics in the works as relative to the grading process. Please see me or Andy if we can help answer any questions. If you can't attend, there is a module in Knight in Training to follow along the process. The session will be held at the High School in room 612 beginning at 3:30


Thanks to all for your help and patience as we conducted this month's drill! We will continue to improve on scenarios and practice out of the norm situations.


Both of our "Riley" students are now back home!!! Hunter cam home a little over 1 1/2 weeks ago and Cara came home this week! I know the families remain appreciative of all that has been done as well as for all the special prayers offered during this time. The road ahead is unknown, but it it great to know that these special families will be together, at home, for Christmas!

Joey McIntyre

Ill be home for Christmas by Joey McIntyre