By: Nicole, Sydney & Dejarvea

Rhyme Scheme

Sonnet to a lost friend /My room

1. A / 1.A

2. B /2.B

3. A /3.C


Repetition/fig lang

Sonnet to a lost friend / my room

1.similie = humming like a bee / similie = wilt like a losing team

2.alliteration = day is done / alliteration = dresser drawers

3.onomatopoeia = snap in or out / onomatopoeia = dirty gym socks litter the carpet

4. tone = looking sadness in the eye / tone = drying into a myth


sonnet to a lost friend/ my room

about 5 because they were stuck together / 7 because there was more room in between

Poem's meaning/ theme

sonnet to a lost friend / my room

someone does not want to lose their friend / his room is a mess