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Final Exam Make-up info from Mr. Bayyan

Many of you have already received correspondence from students and/or their parents regarding being absent during finals week. Here is how we will be handling Final Exam make-ups this semester:

Exams may NOT be taken prior to the first exam date! The students should have their parents complete a Clark High School Student Absence Request and submit it to Attendance ASAP. Absence request forms may be found online or picked up from the attendance window.

IMPORTANT: No exam make-ups will be scheduled prior to the submission of an absence request form.

Per board policy, unexcused absence requests should be submitted no later than one week prior to the absence in order for the student to receive credit for missed work. All absence requests for exam week will be forwarded to me (Mr. Bayyan), regardless of alpha. Once I have received the form, I will be contacting parents about the proposed absence. If the absence is approved, Tracy Helms will pull the student to schedule make-up exams. When we get closer to exams, Tracy will send an email daily to let teachers know when students have scheduled makeup exams. If a student will be making up a test for you, please set test materials aside in the testing room prior to the scheduled exam. We will place a crate there in which you will place exams for students with scheduled make-ups as well as for “No Show” students.

Most exams will be made up during after-school tutorials on Tuesday through Thursday,

December 15-18. There will also be exam make-ups happening on Monday, January 4th, when we have returned from Winter Break.

Students who have not taken one or more exams by 1 pm on December 18 will receive a grade of ‘0’ for the missing test (s) to be averaged into their semester grade.

If a student is ill on the day of an exam and misses with a parent or doctor’s note we will work with each case individually depending on how many exams they have missed.



After a student makes up an exam, it will be returned to the teacher for grading and gradebook corrections. Once you have corrected a student’s grade in Pinnacle, please print out a new Class Semester Grade Report and turn in to Margie, indicating which student’s grade was corrected.

End of the year Grading Reminders from Margie Walther

1. Print the semester end grade report, I don't need a 3rd six weeks grade report.

2. There cannot be any incompletes. Please clear all incompletes that you have still outstanding. Grade the student out for the 3rd six weeks; if needed, the grade can always be changed after we come back in January.

3. There may not be any blanks. If you find any blanks when you print out a preview semester grade report, please send me an email with the student's name, ID number and the 6 weeks that are missing. I'll put the corrected grade in your mailbox within 24 hours.

4. If the student does not take the semester exam, a zero should be entered for the exam grade - not incomplete - and the semester grade will be calculated using the zero. If a student takes only part of the exam, enter the grade that you have. When the student makes up/completes the exam in January, the grade will be changed. However, these exams must be made up ASAP because GPA and rank will be calculated mid-January; rank and GPA cannot be changed.

5. This six weeks period you may enter the actual grade that the student has earned, no need to give a grade of 50.

6. If a student has passed all 3 six weeks grading periods but fails the semester due to failing the exam, please contact your administrator.

7. Turn in each period's grade verification reports as soon as possible. The courses that are waiting on the scale scores from administration obviously can't turn in at the end of every day. I will stay late every night in order to make it easier for you to turn in grades or if you have any problems.

8. If you have questions/blanks/problems, please do not wait until Friday, 12/18, to ask me. I will be swamped taking grades.

9. As always, lots of chocolate for all good little elves!!