Comparative Poetry Analysis

Hannah Wingers Hour 6th


In this poster I will be comparing two extraordinary poems, "Sleeping in the Forest", and "Ode to Enchanted Light". "Ode to Enchanted Light" about light and celebrating joy and In my opinion " Sleeping in the Forest" is mainly about nature taking a spirit back into its possession. Here i will compare these two poems.


The writer of "Ode to Enchantment" style is creative because the writer gives life to something little and makes it have bigger meaning. In lines 13-15 it says that the earth is overflowing with water which means happiness.I think that the meaning of the poem is that life can be bright an happy. In poem "Sleeping in the Forest" the writers style was also creative because the writer gave the poem multiple meanings or messages to make people stop when reading and think about what they think that this writing means to them. there is a few different meanings that might come to mined like: light, dark, living dying etc. I think the message of the poem is living and dying because in lines 1-5 i says how the earth remembered her and how it took her back.