Property Project

By Evan B. (Period 2)


Cohesion: (n) the molecular attraction by which the particles of a body are united throughout the mass (Source: Merriam Webster)

Image: This bead of dew on a leaf demonstrates cohesion. If there was no property of cohesion, then the bead of dew would have dispersed, forming a film over the leaf. Cohesion helps keep the water in its bead shape. Image source: "Dew 2" by Michael Apel from wikipedia/wikimedia (public domain)

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Luster: (n) a glow of reflected light : SHEEN; specifically: the appearance of the surface of a mineral dependent upon its reflecting qualities (Source: Merriam Webster)

Image: This image of gallium crystals shows luster. The metal reflects and scatters light while in its solid state. Image source: "Gallium Crystals" by foobar from wikipedia/wikimedia (public domain).

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Brittleness: (n) easily broken, cracked, or snapped (Source: Merriam Webster)

Image: This image shows peanut brittle next to a wooden mallet. The food is brittle because it has been easily cracked by the hammer. Image source: "Golden peanut brittle cracked on a serving dish" by Janet Hudson from wikipedia/wikimedia (public domain). Originally listed on Flickr as "Peanut Brittle."

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Ductility: (adj) of a metal : capable of being bent or pulled into different shapes (Source: Merriam Webster)

Image: This image of Aluminum foil demonstrates the ductility of metal (being able to be bent). Aluminum Foil is pressed/bent into sheets, different shape from the original block, by a roller. Image source: "Aluminum Cooking Foil" by Lewis Ronald from wikipedia/wikimedia (public domain).

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